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[IPk] Fuming Argument because forgot to bolus

Hello everyone

Just thought I would tell you that my husband and I have just had a massive 
heated argument just because I found out just now that Danielle hadn't done 
her bolus.

We never argue but tonight I made the meal and totted it all up in my head as 
Danielle was eating hers.  I forgot to tell her the total.  One and a half 
hours later I said "Danielle, how much did you bolus?" and she said "Nothing 
because you didn't tell me".  

Well, I asked my husband why he hadn't checked.  He said "You make the meal 
and you do the bolus".  I flipped!

How can I put something into practice to prevent this in the future because I 
feel it should be shared.

(a bit miserable at the moment)
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