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[IPk] First major high BG on pump tonight

Hello everyone     

Well tonight we had a reading which was too high to be recorded.  The BG is 
on the road to recovery but this is the story:-

When Danielle came home from school I checked her BG and it was 7.0 which I 
thought was good.  She had her evening meal which was spaghetti on toast 
followed by a Muller Corner.  She had some insulin half way through and 
another dose after she had eaten the Muller Corner yoghurt.  We had to shoot 
out somewhere straight afterwards and I expected we would be no longer than 2 
hours (which we were) so we didn't take anything with us because I didn't 
foresee any problems because nothing has happened before and I was only going 
to be half an hour away from the house if anything went wrong.  While we were 
out I noticed that Danielle looked pale and wide-eyed which is a sign with 
her that she is high.

We got home and the first thing was to check the blood.  The blood was being 
checked as we still had our coats on because I was desperate to see why she 
looked the way she did. IT WAS H1 (HIGH).  I panicked obviously because you 
don't know what the reading is because that means that it is too high for the 
monitor to record.  Anyway, I asked Danielle to show me the site.  The 
cannula was out!  This is the first time this has happened and she hadn't 
been doing anything unusual.  I think it was just pulled out when she has 
pulled her tights down.

Well, she has had 5 units at 8.30 pm and another 2 units at 10.15 pm.  Her 
last reading was 15 but it will need checking again soon and hopefully I will 
not have to give her any more insulin tonight.

I really do wish that there was an insulin that was able to do its job 
quicker and then we would know where we stood.  I mean, I wish it was quicker 
to act and quicker to disappear and be finished with.  The Novorapid 
manufacturer said that the insulin peaks at 1 hour and is gone at 3 hours.  I 
would prefer it to be peaking quicker when we need it and then be done and 
dusted so that we can then gauge what and how much to do next without adding 
to the damn stuff and have them all working together.

Anyway, moaning done -beautiful little girl tired out and needs carrying to 

Goodnight all.

Mum to Danielle aged 8, dx Aug 2001, pumping since Nov 2001 and loving it
D myself for 29 years and not on a pump yet and might not get one
siblings and aunties and everyone else in the family with diabetes!    
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