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Re: [IPk] Re Attitude of Health Care Professionals

In a message dated 1/17/2003 11:50:21 AM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> . One problem I've encountered though, 
> is that(some)medics appear to prefer to listen to other medics.
> * Could 'we' put together a portfolio of case studies which could be 
> presented to the consultant or the team when approached about using a pump. 
> Could we identify people's profession?
> * Could those medical people amongst you advise on a better way of 
> approaching consultants? I know they are likely to say that they haven't 
> the 
> time to read through reams of documentation. I know they're human and 
> therefore individuals but...?
> * Could we get information from those enlightened teams which do provide 
> this option to say what was involved in being able to provide the service. 
> How much time etc. The objection I've had is that 'it will be too labour 
> intensive for just a few people' (I know all the counter arguments to that 
> but my team hasn't heard them from another team - which makes it more real)
> * What is the rule with articles on the insulin-pumpers site? Can we print 
> off articles and use them? I know I've held on to a number of emails that 
> people have written in the discussion group because they are particularly 
> eloquent and informative. I haven't done anything with them but I do 
> sometimes wish that I could state my son's case as clearly. I feel it would 
> be useful to 'hit' D.UK and many consultants out there with the strength of 
> feeling that is so well expressed in these emails yet at the same time I 
> know we all feel safe writing in this group and I wouldn't want that to be 
> jeopardised, so I don't know.
Hi Heather,

I'd be happy to assist with a case study portfolio (and for you to use any of 
my e-mails, if any of them happen to be of interest!).  A medic with terrible 
control for years (and complications to boot) whose life, and HbA1c, was 
changed by the pump.

Most NHS consultants have "appointment pressure" and just don't have much 
time for each patient in the clinic.  A folder with information supporting 
your need for a pump is unlikely to be read unless it's clear and very 
concise.  I'd suggest a summary with graphs etc. taking less than two minutes 
to read - to grab attention so the rest of the content will be read later -, 
presented when you attend your appointment.  Send it by mail? I doubt it 
would get out of the intray.  An alternative approach is via the diabetes 
specialist nurse, if you have one and she has an interest (or can be 
persuaded to take one) in the subject.

I am incredibly fortunate in that there is a very forward-looking diabetology 
team at my local hospital.  They OFFERED me the chance to go on a pump 
several years before I did go on one - my control was horrendous - I actually 
turned it down, mainly because I just couldn't afford it at the time. (Now I 
think I could have made sacrifices - I should have had better priorities.)  I 
will try to speak to ouir superb diabetes specialist nurse, who is very 
experienced in pump use etc., next week and if she agrees I will pass on her 
contact details to you.  She'd be able to answer your queries about the 
service (and probably the other queries you've raised too).


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