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RE: [IPk] Re Attitude of Health Care Professionals

Heather as you know I cant answer a lot of your questions and only wish I could get people to listen.

I would have thought any articles in the public domain on the IP website were fine to print off.  I also
have kept emails written by pumpers who have expressed things to do with pumping issues.  I would have
thought that if you asked the writers of the emails in questions that most would be happy to have them
quoted or parts of them used.  If I wanted to use any of the mails I would write and ask for permission

Its all very frustrating to get things done.


> OK so I've got my campaigning head on today: -
> I know there are people on this list who have written on the site about
> their experiences of going on a pump. One problem I've encountered though,
> is that(some)medics appear to prefer to listen to other medics.
> * Could 'we' put together a portfolio of case studies which could be
> presented to the consultant or the team when approached about using a pump.
> Could we identify people's profession?
> * Could those medical people amongst you advise on a better way of
> approaching consultants? I know they are likely to say that they haven't the
> time to read through reams of documentation. I know they're human and
> therefore individuals but...?
> * Could we get information from those enlightened teams which do provide
> this option to say what was involved in being able to provide the service.
> How much time etc. The objection I've had is that 'it will be too labour
> intensive for just a few people' (I know all the counter arguments to that
> but my team hasn't heard them from another team - which makes it more real)
> * What is the rule with articles on the insulin-pumpers site? Can we print
> off articles and use them? I know I've held on to a number of emails that
> people have written in the discussion group because they are particularly
> eloquent and informative. I haven't done anything with them but I do
> sometimes wish that I could state my son's case as clearly. I feel it would
> be useful to 'hit' D.UK and many consultants out there with the strength of
> feeling that is so well expressed in these emails yet at the same time I
> know we all feel safe writing in this group and I wouldn't want that to be
> jeopardised, so I don't know.
> Simplistic I'm sure, but at least I feel as though I've explored the option.
> Heather
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