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RE: [IPk] Re Attitude of Health Care Professionals

OK so I've got my campaigning head on today: -
I know there are people on this list who have written on the site about 
their experiences of going on a pump. One problem I've encountered though, 
is that(some)medics appear to prefer to listen to other medics.

* Could 'we' put together a portfolio of case studies which could be 
presented to the consultant or the team when approached about using a pump. 
Could we identify people's profession?

* Could those medical people amongst you advise on a better way of 
approaching consultants? I know they are likely to say that they haven't the 
time to read through reams of documentation. I know they're human and 
therefore individuals but...?

* Could we get information from those enlightened teams which do provide 
this option to say what was involved in being able to provide the service. 
How much time etc. The objection I've had is that 'it will be too labour 
intensive for just a few people' (I know all the counter arguments to that 
but my team hasn't heard them from another team - which makes it more real)

* What is the rule with articles on the insulin-pumpers site? Can we print 
off articles and use them? I know I've held on to a number of emails that 
people have written in the discussion group because they are particularly 
eloquent and informative. I haven't done anything with them but I do 
sometimes wish that I could state my son's case as clearly. I feel it would 
be useful to 'hit' D.UK and many consultants out there with the strength of 
feeling that is so well expressed in these emails yet at the same time I 
know we all feel safe writing in this group and I wouldn't want that to be 
jeopardised, so I don't know.

Simplistic I'm sure, but at least I feel as though I've explored the option.


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> >taught values 20 years out of date. Why? How can we address this? - how 
> >members of this list forming a sub-group, perhaps in liaison with INPUT 
> >to attend key lay, nursing and medical conferences?
>Good idea Mary - count me in.
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