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Re: [IPk] Jackie

> Michael,
> You're talking to the converted again though aren't you.  It would
> appear that research/studies in countries other than Britain 'don't
> count' with some British consultants/PCTs. 

The British consultants don't seem to do much research of their own. 
Most of it is done in the US, Scandinavia, and a little in France. I 
think I did see one or two from either Germany or Belgium

> We have taken piles of
> documents to our PCT (thanks to Input & Medtronic & to this site)
> but have been met with dismissal of much of the 'evidence' because
> it isn't relevant within our health care system....um. It is
> frightening.

I guess the question to ask is "since the British health care system 
has published no studies on pump therapy, where is the relevant data 
you propose to use when UNIVERSALLY all other studies show it is 

if you beat them hard enough and long enough, they will get bruises 
heh..... heh..... I've watched the progress that those of you in the 
UK have made since the IP-UK list started and although it may seem 
slow to you, I think you've come remarkably far in the last few 
years. Moving governmental bodies to change their ways usually takes 
decades. You've managed to generate movement in a few short years. 
There are now kids on pumps, supplies being paid for, and the 
prospect now of pumps being part of general diabetes management. 
Sure, there is still the task of convincing the local boards that 
they should fund each individual pump, but at least now it is being 
considered where before it was not considered at all. That's 
progress, and rapid progress for a government bureaucracy.

The glass "is" half full.
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