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Re: [IPk] Jackie


You're talking to the converted again though aren't you.  It would appear 
that research/studies in countries other than Britain 'don't count' with 
some British consultants/PCTs. We have taken piles of documents to our PCT 
(thanks to Input & Medtronic & to this site) but have been met with 
dismissal of much of the 'evidence' because it isn't relevant within our 
health care system....um. It is frightening.


>From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re: [IPk] Jackie
>Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 14:36:12 -0800
> > > aaahhhh.... the counter to that argument is that a person in good
> > > control is an excellent pump candidate because the obviously are
> > > trying very hard and are "compliant" (hate that term) and will
> > > clearly benefit from the improved control available with an insulin
> > > pump.
> >
> > well, basically in our health care system both arguments are being
> > used far too frequently, against pump therapy
>It works both ways :-)
>Difficulty with control is a powerful argument for pump therapy.
>Good control is a powerful argument the pump therapy will work well
>as above. Patients can play the same game and the research supports
>them. All current research shows that pump therapy is usually
>superior to MDI for improvements in hbA1c, decrease in hypos,
>decrease in incindents of DKA, better control of weight (BMI),
>decrease access to health care providers, and better overall quality
>of life. These are now established scientific findings, not wishful
>thinking. You can cite articles and publications that show this in
>studies completed within the last year or two. I just added the study
>that shows a decrease in cost from $29,000 to $12,000 annually in the
>diabetes related medical expenses of poorly controlled type 1 kids.
>As far as I know, this is the only study of its type ever conducted
>and shows the direct correlation between improved control and
>reduction in overall cost of management of children (or adults for
>that matter) with diabetes and the impact that an insulin pump has on
>those costs. If the differences were marginal, then the study would
>not be so significant, but a decrease of over HALF is pretty
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