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Re: [IPk] Jackie

> > aaahhhh.... the counter to that argument is that a person in good
> > control is an excellent pump candidate because the obviously are
> > trying very hard and are "compliant" (hate that term) and will
> > clearly benefit from the improved control available with an insulin
> > pump.
> well, basically in our health care system both arguments are being
> used far too frequently, against pump therapy

It works both ways :-)

Difficulty with control is a powerful argument for pump therapy.
Good control is a powerful argument the pump therapy will work well 
as above. Patients can play the same game and the research supports 
them. All current research shows that pump therapy is usually 
superior to MDI for improvements in hbA1c, decrease in hypos, 
decrease in incindents of DKA, better control of weight (BMI), 
decrease access to health care providers, and better overall quality 
of life. These are now established scientific findings, not wishful 
thinking. You can cite articles and publications that show this in 
studies completed within the last year or two. I just added the study 
that shows a decrease in cost from $29,000 to $12,000 annually in the 
diabetes related medical expenses of poorly controlled type 1 kids. 
As far as I know, this is the only study of its type ever conducted 
and shows the direct correlation between improved control and 
reduction in overall cost of management of children (or adults for 
that matter) with diabetes and the impact that an insulin pump has on 
those costs. If the differences were marginal, then the study would 
not be so significant, but a decrease of over HALF is pretty 

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