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Re: [IPk] Re Attitude of Health Care Professionals

In a message dated 1/16/2003 7:00:33 PM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I really have a problem with the 'mainly behavioural' part. Yes, I know it's 
> saying 'mainly' so it gives a bit of an opt out but I still find it a 
> fairly 
> damning (by implication) statement. Am I being touchy?
Hi Heather,

No, I don't think you are!  Do non-diabetics have to plan their lives around 
when, what, how they can eat, work and exercise?  Do you have a behavioural 
problem if you want to eat out with a friend at 3pm, rather than having a 
sandwich at 12.30, or skip lunch altogether? Or if you fancy a lie-in after a 
late night with friends or working half the night on a project?  OK, with the 
older regimes (mainly once or twice daily injections) diabetics WERE 
controlled by the diabetes - you went hypo if you couldn't eat by a certain 
time and hyper if you tried to give less insulin to cover that -, and we 
accepted and lived with (but hated) it.  Many rebelled against the rigid, 
abnormal system and therein lies part of the attitude problem from 
professionals.  Diabetics who wouldn't comply with the system were labelled 
as having bad control because of behavioural problems, rather than making 
desperate attempts to live normal lives.  

But modern regimes allow a normal (or almost normal) lifestyle. So why is 
this attitude prevailing? - it has to be ignorance.  But how do we overcome 
this? It seems that many health care professionals have and are still being 
taught values 20 years out of date. Why? How can we address this? - how about 
members of this list forming a sub-group, perhaps in liaison with INPUT etc, 
to attend key lay, nursing and medical conferences?  


IDDM 30+yrs, 508 2+, ready to step onto soapbox!
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