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Re: [IPk] Re Attitude of Health Care Professionals

On the behavioural/lifestyle issue...
My life is, by no fault of my own, stressful (2 special needs kids and an 
unsympathetic education system), various medical conditions, including ME 
which completely knackers me most of the time and makes excersise impossible, 
(much as I would love to do it and used to walk regularly), and a job which 
involves working evenings, 5pm until 7pm, so means the evening meal is late. 
There is no way round this...well, I could leave my job but then how would I 
be able to afford to eat??! No two days are the same as far as the stresses 
life throws up. When my ME is bad, (ie overdoing it the day before) and I 
can't do anyhting but sleep all day, or my bowel problems are bad (meaning I 
can't eat so much) then of course the BG's fluctuate. The infections I get 
regularly don't help this either.
And they say it's up to us to alter our lifestyle???? Grrrrrrrr!
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