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[IPk] Re Attitude of Health Care Professionals

I'm on an email list from D.UK and interestingly enough their email today is 
advising about their Position Statement on 'Good Practice of Diabetes Care' 
and specifically Patient Education.

To quote:

"Management of diabetes is complex, challenging and mainly behavioural, 
involving diet, activity, daily medication, glucose testing and regular foot 
checks4. Evidence has shown that many people with diabetes do not know how 
to manage their condition and are dissatisfied with the lack of education 
provided by health care teams5. The Audit Commission6 has also shown that 
the NHS is not currently providing people with diabetes with the tools and 
support to manage their own diabetes."

I really have a problem with the 'mainly behavioural' part. Yes, I know it's 
saying 'mainly' so it gives a bit of an opt out but I still find it a fairly 
damning (by implication) statement. Am I being touchy?


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