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Re: [IPk] Attitudes of Health professionals RE funding

Helen    there is definately a major issue with pumps being hidden in our
country. The same colleague who I spoke of earlier who suggested that
lifestyle was probably implicated in this persons poor control, later in the
discussion when someone mentioned pumps stated " but they cost #5k" so she
would even have put off a potential pumper who could scrape togethr 2k but
not 5. i wonder whether this is pure arrogance and would rather not admitt
she doesn't know the basics, or whether she has been told to hush up or gve
incorrect info
The comments from the DUK rep are shocking. It may be worth joining the
JDRF: they are for t 1 only and far more proactive
You mentioned you feel pumps will only be considered if person is collapsing
on a regular basis. Surely BGs fluctuating from 2 to 20 is unacceptable even
if you do remain vertical. The proposals for NICE funding are A1c greater
than 7.5 or hypos interfering with quality of life ( ie on a very regular
basis  or severe and requiring assistance or hypo unawareness) AND failure
of MDI including glargine despite motivation, regular testing, attention to
dose and diet etc.Surely they don't still think it's only a problem if it
incurrs immediate cost or work for the NHS!, I do feel that you will get
somewhere eventually  as regards pumps. At least it sounds as if consultant
is listening to you. If and when the NICE guidelines come into force I
wonder whether legally you would have to be referred onto a pump centre: not
sure what the situation is here. Just document all BGs, doses, diet how you
feel etc. In your shoes it would be quite tempting to resort to drastic
measures spoke of earlier but obviously this would be a grave mistake as it
could lead to you being labelled as unsafe to use a pump and sever any good
relationship with diabetes team, GP etc

Just present your results whenever you see a doctor I'm sure they would be
horrified if BGs are fluctuating like this on a daily basis
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