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RE: [IPk] Jackie


Sasha has no hypo awareness at night ( never has had)  she had 6 seizures in the first 18 months and
despite changing her regimen we can never be sure that she is not dropping low so we have to check
between 2.30 and 3.00 am every night, we catch quite a few lows, but the same amount of insulin and food
the next day may cause her to be too high, so sometimes we have to correct.

The seizures were a really terrifying experience for us and her as she appears to be partly conscious
when this is happening.   She has the least amount of NPH we can give without getting a rise during the
night.  She feels unwell if her bg is over 10 mols and obviously unwell if it is low for very  long if we
catch a low quickly and correct with glucose tabs she seems fine again pretty quick.  During the day she
tests at school if she feels funny or has a headache.  But mostly cant tell without testing whether its
high or low.  Something like one small extra biscuit will make the difference between having levels under
10 mmls and high levels.

We are prepared to fund the pump ourselves but this doesn't seem to help.

We also have the problem that Sasha's  identical twin Rebecca, is not diabetic and at times she wants to
eat food when is not appropriate for Sasha to have extra insulin or food.  I usually manage to give them
both something after school, but sometimes I feel that I am saying no to Beckie because Sasha gets quite
upset if she cant have something to eat as well.  Even though Sasha is very good and hardly ever
complains about finger pricks and injections.

I don't see how we can relax control because even if we say drop the morning Novorapid from 4.5 units to
4 units the chances are that she will be then high by lunchtime which means I have to go into school and
give her insulin or if we leave it her levels are 16 or 17 mmols by 3.30 and she feels crap all
afternoon.  Obviously slightly more days she is ok on 4.5 units than not, but its not predictable and its
a very fine balance between low and high.

I will send you my reasons for my reservations about Lantus later.


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> You could mention the effect of rigidity of meal times and that you are afraid
> sometimes to let her sleep due to nocturnal hypos. Does she feel ill a lot
> when BGs are out of range? Also would you fund the pump yourself. If so then
> surely it can't be that difficult to find someone who would give the
> appropriate training and support. You may well get fobbed off and told to
> relax control or avoid high sugar foods or all the usual stuff or have someone
> attempt to sell you glargine ( which may well help esp with night hypos and BG
> being high in the evenings) or " wait until she's older". Just be persistant
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