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Re: [IPk] Attitudes of Health professionals RE funding

I agree wholeheartedly with all the comments so far and especially with 
Abigail. You put it so well! I once had a consultant (a wonderful, clever, 
kind person) who has had to unfortunately retire due to his own ill health. 
He said, ' wrap the diabetes around your life not your life around the 
diabetes' . I'm sure if he was still here then the pump issue in our PCT 
would be further ahead than it is right now. 
The main thing that really annoys me is the fact that, and correct if I'm 
wrong here, but reading into this, it seems to bhge the case that a pump will 
only be made available if the patient does not respond to the various 
insulins, including glargine. Basically, you have to be resistant to all the 
insulins and in hospital frequently due to hypo's/hypers to qualify. (The 
cons I see now pointed ou that even if the pumps were ever made available on 
the NHS then this would be the criteria). And, as you have said, they think 
that glargine is the be all and end all of wonder drugs and can't go wrong 
unless you let it! 
Things in my local area are not helped by the antiquated atitude of many 
others with DM 1. I approached the local DUK representative (at present there 
is only a group locally for parents of children with DM1). Her response to 
the question of a pump, and if she knew of anyone with a pump, was one of 
absolute shock and horror! Like I'd suggested a trip to Mars or something! 
NO! OH NO! That's just not done here. Why on earth would anyone want to use 
something like a pump...with all that intervention and major surgery and 
cost! Errrrrr.....I guess she had no idea! But no wonder. Unless the atitude 
of the doctors changes and they can tell the patients the benefits and 
exactly what it pertains then I guess we'll be stuck in the dark ages for 
some time yet! Thank goodness for this group!
PS interestingly, though, it seems to be the diabetes consultants who are the 
ones with a problem with the idea of pumps. I've lost count of how many times 
I've seen other consultants in different medical fields, even professors at 
the top of their field, dentists, etc., who ask if I've ever considered a 
pump! Just a thought. Wonder if the consultants (diabetes) are told to down 
play the issue?!
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