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[IPk] Jackie

I'd be tempted to see if the parents of the child who is on a pump would be
willing to be contacted, via the company. You may benefit from their

In a way the excellent A1c is probably hindering things ( if high then
professionals may possibly be more motivated to change therapy although not
always as many are well accustomed to the laissez faire attitude esp in paeds
Does Sasha have frequent/ severe hypos or hypo unawareness?
Do remember that the nature of DM is such that even with the pump BG will
fluctuate on occasions although when basals are optimised this should be
fairly infrequent and easily corrected ( was in 3s most of yesterday and
reduced basal overnight to wake up feeling cr-p today with BG of 2.8, up to 16
after brekky so correction given and down to 3.8, lots of food and a swim and
still 3.8 grr)
I recall  you mentioned having reservations re glargine in the past: would be
interested to hear these
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