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[IPk] Attitudes of Health professionals RE funding

Abigail I would agree wholeheartedly with you, when I got my first pump in 
1988 the doctor had just returned from the US and had worked with pumps. She 
was actually comparing the difference in her UK patients and how they were 
not willing to take control or question their care ie far more passive than 
our US counterparts at the time. I find it amazing that in all areas some 
Drs still have such a commanding presence and they are so surprised that  
patients should question THEIR decision.
I recently started a DM nursing course and again was alarmed at the attitude 
of the nurses -who were a lot younger than me, the way they catagorise 
people with our condition and were so willing to condemn people who do not 
comply in their eyes (or else patronise which is why I did not admit to 
being afflictrd!)  Pumps were barely mentioned and all the old eighties 
arguments were gragged up, by doctors, pharmacists,dieticians and even a 
midwife who is herself diabetic. Without giving away too much personal info 
I did try to inform and correct them.  When you think this was a university 
course as part of a degree module supposedly informing health professionals 
on current trends I do not hold out much hope for NICE or the NSF.

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