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[IPk] Colin

Dear Colin
I don't know what to say
Well it worked
I had often wondered about this tactic myself in the event that I could no
longer afford the pump, or hospital tried to take it off me ( during admission
I would always have  thought that by the time the Mental Health Team appeared
one could be severely hyperglycaemic and deemed incapable of making this
judgement. I'd have my doubts about following this through in case it did
backfire ( forced to take insulin after mental health assessment or deemed too
irresponsible to have pump anyway) and becasue DKA would be so unpleasant. One
of my friends is a psychiatry SHO and was working in CAmbridge. I believe that
a number of patients here with DM were often presenting to the psychs
(presumably manipulating or refusing insulin or food) Apparently they were
"pumped" and are now presenting to psychs much less often. It makes you think
abou the psychological effects of DM especially when you consider traditional
pump selection grounds which would more or less exclude this category

Colin: you must have had real issues with injection therapy ( well haven'e
most of us here) and you triumphed although you took a gamble. I wonder how
this has affected your relationship with the diabetes team. Were you on a pump
before and couldn't afford to continue?
I have to say well done even though I have reservations about your method (
although I think 2 years ago I was having so many probs I would have been
tempted)  I hope that NICE sorts things  out so people having real
difficulties don't have to resort to this !
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