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Re: [IPk] Jackie- meters


With many meters, the reading is dependent on the size of the drop of blood 
deposited and the timing - extra squeezes may be useful but may come in too 
late to have an accurate effect (so do it again, properly!).  I use an 
Advantage meter, which takes up what is a relatively small blood sample in 
comparison to other methods I've used (useful if you've somewhat less than a 
stone) by capillary action and won't actually work unless enough blood is put 
on the strip.  Highest tech it ain't, but it's reproducible - I have tested 
and retested on multiple occasions to check, and I invariably get a reading 
of +/-0.2 mmol at worst.  The meter has been accurate when checked with 
control solutions too.

IDDM 30 yrs+, 508 2+
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