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[IPk] Carmel - funding

I am sure that the funding issue is a major reason for Doctors not pushing
pumps more
Other factors: passive role which many patients adopt in this country towrds
their own DM (ie either being passively compliant and taking dose doctor tells
them, testing once /twice per day or per week because told this is all that is
necessary, sticking to rigid meal times because no one's told them about basal
bolus therapy,or they have not been given the right info or bothered to ask
AND not asking about pump therapy  becasue it is little publicised and doctor
doesn't bother to mention it becasue they don't have the expertise and can't
be bothered to refer elsewhere, or don't want to stick their neck out re
OR being down right rebellious and refusing to take regular insulin or regular
meals at all ( at least this approach shows some spirit - this comment is
meant tongue in cheek)

It's a cultural thing in the UK ( Doctor knows best and controls my DM not me)
as well as an underresourced system not only in terms of finance but human
beings as well
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