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[IPk] Funding

Hi All- Reading the mails it seems that postcode prescribing is a BIG 
issue.in pump funding I know it is not the policy to fund within my area but 
eventually through constant letter writing to everyone I could thimk of -i 
got my point across and my pump is funded until April anyway by the hospital 
I attend. The whole argument by the PCT was that the hospital prescribing 
pump therapy  should pay for the pump. This was an apparent discussion 
between my area (West Herts) and the London NHS Trust so my pump is actually 
funded by some obscure dept who happened to have spare cash this year!!. I 
wonder if this is their downfall, doctors do  not  consider pump therapy 
because they are afraid of the cost and so they constantly repeat 
unjustifiable arguments (which to me is why Diabetes UK seem to ignore pump 

I apologise for ranting again and am off to write to DUK and the PCT re the 
NSF for Diabetes announced Jan 9th which does not mention treatments but 
does mention patient empowerment.
Type 1 44 yrs used graseby pump in 1980s  508 2yrs

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