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[IPk] Meters

Jackie wrote:Also does anyone have the new strips for the Medisense
Optium, the ones that sip
the blood in, rather
than you having to place a blob on the strip??  Are the much better and
did you
have any trouble getting

I've used Medisense Optium for over a year now and love it.  Less blood
is needed, and if you haven't put enough blood on,you can add more
without having to use another strip.  Also I use the Ketone strips when
necessary on the machine.  I did find the instructions a bit long winded,
but go there eventually!!  I like have the 100 memory, which also gives
time and date, so I go right all my tests in one go when visiting the Dr. I
now live in Australia and just purchase them through my chemist, but when
in the UK  used to get strips through Boots the Chemist, and had to ask
the company to send me the Ketone strips because they weren't available
18 months ago.  Perhaps you can ring the company and ask them?CheersHeather
IDDM 43 years, H-tron almost 3 years


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