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Re: [IPk] Jackie- meters

>  from:    Abigail King <email @ redacted>
>  date:    Tue, 14 Jan 2003 18:58:57
>  to:      email @ redacted
>  subject: Re: [IPk] Jackie- meters
> Jackie
> An explanation of the discrepancy in results may have been too small a drop of
> blood squeezed from the fingertip. I have a pocket scan ( same manufacturer as
> one touch and about to upgrade)
> I put a very small drop of blood onto the strip and it gave a delayed reading
> of 3 mmol. I felt fine and usualy have excellent hypo awareness. I repeated it
> and it gave a reading of 9 ish. So I assumed it was due to the above
> Another problem is squeezing too hard which gives a dilute sample ( due to
> tissue fluid) and a low reading
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                        Your email stating that "Squeezing too hard when taking a bg gives a low reading" is very interesting and gives me a good reason as to why my readings show, what I judge to be, a false result.

Dave Battson, D-TRON (nearly 6 months and now getting good results-yes it does take this long, but it sure is worth the effort!) 
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