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[IPk] rips

All  those who have had the number of strips on your prescription cut down. I
had a bit of a shock today when I went to the pharmacy becasue mine had been
reduced from 150 per month to 50 per month
This was quickly sorted by a visit to the GP. The person I saw was not my
usual GP but someone who I trained with. He was surprised that they had
reduced mine as a type 1 . There has been a recent initiative to reduce type 2
strip consumption ( by this I hope they mean non insulin treated not those on
insulin who are still strictly speaking type 2s)He agreed that 150 per month
was perfectly reasonable for a type 1. I think problems encountered with GPs
over strips may be due to confusion over types ( although they must see from
the screen that insulin is being used), and a complete lack of knowledge about
modern insulin therapy and the day to day tribulations of being on insulin
I was given the full 150 on top of the 50 I had already collected: as I am
moving next month ( armed with the fact I may need to contact pump
specialists/ diabetes UK if I meet with more reluctance to prescribe adequate

I remember several people on this list recently had probs with getting
adequate testing supplies:
imterested to know whether your GPs are enlightned now . Hope the situation is
Interestingly: there is an NHS publication ( think it's prescrbing
information) . States that BG monitoring is only suitable for type 1s and a 50
strip pack is usually adeqaute for 2 months. This was a very recent edition!.
I understand that GPs and the NHS are predominantly dealing witth  explosion
in type 2 but really there is need for education re type1, intensive flexible
insulin regimens and the effects of hypos on peoples lives
The person I work with at present is " enlightened" not because I have worked
hard to inform him but due to the way he is. I will try to educate as many
doctors as possible in the next few months when I am locuming
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