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[IPk] Meters

On Saturday night at 11.30pm Danni,  ( babysitting for us while we were at neighbours house)  checked
Sasha's bg with the Medisense Optium.  It showed 11.7 mmols.  Terry popped back shortly after and checked
with the One touch it showed 17.8 mmols! , a big difference!   So he washed her hands and rechecked with
the Optium and still got 11 something.  Re checked again as we were going to need to correct a high of
17+mmols, using another One touch and still got 17 something.  So this is such a big difference we need
to check the meter.  Do you know where I can get the control solution from?  Chemists? or do I have to
order from Medisense.

Also does anyone have the new strips for the Medisense Optium, the ones that sip the blood in, rather
than you having to place a blob on the strip??  Are the much better and did you have any trouble getting

Jackie Jacombs
email @ redacted
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