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Re: [IPk] Helen - insurance

hopefully things have changed! I did get on to DUK then and tell them about 
the problems I had getting cover for the diabetes. They were going to look at 
their recommended insurers and see what they had to say. Never heard any 
more. But the person (I think it was a nurse) I spoke to at DUK said that if 
the diabetes had been there for a certain lenght of time or more (I think it 
was 15 years...not sure as it was a while ago, but something like that) then 
a lot of companies wouldn't provide cover. I even offered to pay more but the 
company said it just had a flat exclusion for 'long term' type 1 diabetes. 
Can't remember which company it was. Just the one advertised and endorsed in 
Balance at the time. As I say, I found a suitable company eventually but only 
after a lot of refusals. This company has now, as far as i was told by 
Swintons last year, issued a 'no new applications' rule for type 1 diabetes, 
but re insured me as I hadn't had any claims previously. Hopefully that will 
stay the same this year. Basically, it seems to be just through ignorance 
that this happens.
BW Helen
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