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Re: [IPk] NICE Funding

However, that does not get away from the fact that at the end
> of the day, the final decision will rest upon the consultant. Many of whom
> will still not prescribe pumps until they are both educated, and trained
> together with their teams, in their use

So basically if a patient is having a terrible time on injection therapy,
they could still be -----d if the consultant in question doesn't believe in
modern therapy
and as Helen was saying some PCTs will not refer away or would not refer to
a pump centre ( especially if it became evident that they would then have to
fork out for expensive treatment. A very effective way of ensuring that
funding would not have to be found..)
It would be good to see a complete ban on restrictions as to where a patient
can be referred

Meanwhile, I'm moving next month. So an opportunity to educate the
diabetrres team in Singleton ( Swansea) if they are not already pump aware.
Anyone know of any pumpers in Swansea?
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