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Re: [IPk] NICE Funding

NICE have informed us that the final appraisal determination (FAD), they
love big words! Will be with us during the week commencing 13 January. We
then have 15 working days to consider the FAD and appeal against if we deem

It is anticipated that final guidance to the NHS will be during February.

We will keep you informed of progress and post to the list anything which we
need to appeal against, although we doubt that there will be any need. The
preliminary recommendations seem mostly to be as we would wish.

According to our information, PCT's will have 3 months in which to implement
NICE guidance. However, that does not get away from the fact that at the end
of the day, the final decision will rest upon the consultant. Many of whom
will still not prescribe pumps until they are both educated, and trained
together with their teams, in their use. This question will be the subject
of the 2003 INPUT campaign and we will be needing everyone's help for this.

We will keep you posted.


John Davis,
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