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Re: [IPk] NICE Funding

I know the costs are not cheap in the US. I have friends over there (in NJ
and in Houston...we went to Houston, Clearlake area in 2000)! One friend has
a son, 8YO, with diabetes. She is, fortunately, totally covered and doesn't
pay for anything...yet! But that will change as he grows older as she says
that the children, as here, usually get free prescriptions for most things.
Do you mind me asking...did your holiday insurance not cover you for the
strips? I have two lots of insurancxe for holidays. One is with my house
insurance through my building society/mortgage provider and is free! But the
only thing they won't cover is the diabetes. I had a lot of trouble getting
cover for this. Even the insurance advised in Balance refused due to the
length of time I had had the condition! (That was in 2000 and I did complain
to Diabetes UK but they couldn't help me). In the end, I went to my local
branch of Swintons and they found me one company who insured me for around
#30. I used them again last year, but they (the company)! did say that they
are no longer taking any new clients on, only those they have insured before
as diabetes is an excluded condition. Hopefully, they will be OK for later
this year for our next trip.
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