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Re: [IPk] NICE Funding

Hi Helen,

Most American health insurance companies have agreed to pay for pumps at 80% 
(because they are 'durable medical equipment') and consumables at 70% (as 
far as I know, because the consumables are, well, consumed), but if you 
don't have good insurance you need cash or a generous credit line to get 
good medical care and prescriptions over here. I had to pay $40 (GBP 25) for 
50 One Touch Ultra strips the other day because there were none in stock at 
any of the chemists in Oxford on 17 December, the day before my trip to see 
my folks for the holidays. I have been testing less frequently (c. 5 
times/day rather than c. 7) to keep costs down. I'm glad to be returning to 
the Land of the Free Test Strips tomorrow (even if only for the strips--the 
weather in Houston has been fantastic!!!). The last time I checked, pumps 
were about $4000-$5000 (c. GBP 3000) and the consumables about 
$1500-$2000/year (c. GBP 1000-1500) if you had to pay on your own. An 
appointment with a consultant would be about $120 (GBP 80) if you had to pay 
yourself, last I knew. Diabetes ain't cheap anywhere :( .

IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years

----Original Message Follows----
I do have friends in the US! Hey, I'm going there in July! I'll see how
things go with the NICE issue.
BW Helen

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