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Re: [IPk] NICE Funding

Hi and thanks for the reply. My HbA1c was actually quite good this time (7.3) 
as oppsed to 8.5 when I was on the last regimen. But, as ever, I have huge 
ups and downs, with BG's in the 20's then down to the 2's or so on a daily 
basis, more than once a day. I did point this out and he did seem to take 
this on board. He has actually reduced my dose of glargine as he thinks the 
lows I experience may be causing the highs (yes, this does happen with the 
bounce back effect) but what bothers me is that I don't have a level playing 
field at all. It's up down up down all day most days with the odd day in 
between where I have all highs or all lows, no matter what. Obviously, I have 
other health problems which will influence things a great deal and am waiting 
for the celiac test (still)! I get lots of infecxtions partly, I think, due 
to poor control and this further compounds things. It's a viscious circle.But 
yes, he does realise I am serious about the pump. I feel I would have his 
backing if it came to it.
I have to travel now to see this cons as there was no adequate care (no cons 
) in our local area. It is within the same PCT or whatever the trust is 
called now, but a good distance away so does cost and is difficult arranging 
times and child care, etc. I don't qualify for transport (only OAP's and 
those on income support get this). My GP referrred me but the first cons (a 
professor) refused to see me as he had so many referrals! At the monet, the 
PCT are beinbg very difficult about out of area referrals and won't send 
patients to any other PCT unless it is for a life threatening illness, such 
as cancer and no facilities exist here. Then they do refer quickly.
I do have friends in the US! Hey, I'm going there in July! I'll see how 
things go with the NICE issue.
BW Helen
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