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Re: [IPk] NICE Funding

I believe that if NICE deemed pumps to be an effective management for some
individuals, then there would be a set of criteria for getting funding
(HbA1c above target or frequent hypos despite careful attention to dose
adjustment, testing etc) and the HA or PCT would have to comply on
recommendation of a consultant. I wouldn't put it past some to refuse
referral to a centre with pump expertise if this was the case
though..perhaps I'm too cynical
I self fund but am fortunate ( at present) that my HA pay for me to go to
Gloucester for clinic appointments ( this was after I started the pump) The
consultant there states that if pumps are
" passed " by NICE then PCTs or HAs will have to fund. end of story. As I
said above I am not sure that they couldn't block this by refusing a referal
although I hope this isn't the case.
If a treatment is found to be "cost effective" then the NHS pays and
patients are not expected to pay half the cost as far as I understand.
Perhaps if funding for consumables was available but not for the pumps you
could buy a second hand one  ( any friends in the States or any place where
medicine has progressed beyond the 1970s?)

At least you seem to be establishing a good rapport with the consultant.
Perhaps he sees now that you do persevere and are not some individual who
wants the pump for novelty reasons. How is the A1c ? and has he suggested
any sensible tweaks to make life on MDI easier/ better ( less hypos/ better
control/ more flexibility?)
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