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Re: [IPk] NICE Funding

Just had an appt (yesterday) with the diabetes consultant at Lancaster Royal 
Infirmary, a Dr Smith. He is very good and really easy to talk to and does 
seem to know his stuff re control and the problems encountered etc. The last 
time I was there he talked about the pump issue with me and changed my 
regimen to lantus and Novorapid. He said last time that NICE were only 
looking at funding the 'consumables' for the pump and not the pump itself. 
Obviously, after talking to you all on here, I realised this was not the 
case! Anyhow, again he mentioned it and said that they were waiting for the 
NICE decision, but again, only on the consumables, not the pumps. I told him 
that I believed the pumps were an issue, too, but he disagreed. Then he said 
that even if NICE agreed to issue the pumps, the local HA (Morecambe Bay) 
would insist on the patient buying their own pump. A DSN I spoke to recently 
was angry as she said she had asked about training for the pump use, along 
with the other DSN's, as they see it as a way forward, but the HA had closed 
the door on the issue! (Arguing no adequate funding for pumpers or training)! 

So, even though the drs and medical staff seem quite keen on the idea of pump 
use here, the HA are not interested. I only know of one person (only through 
hearing off someone else) in the area with a pump, a nurse, who has bought 
and funded it all herself, something I just cannot afford to do. It seems so 
wrong that it's another case of the postcode lottery taking control. Would 
the NICE decision, if they agree to issue pumps, change this at all? Would a 
HA have to comply? 
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