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[IPk] Diabetes Clinic

Had to wait well over an hour to see the Consultant,  Sasha's weight is 26 kilos and her HbA1c was 6.3,
her height is 128.5 cm.  She is catching up on her growth centile.  She was very small at birth only just
over 2lbs and the coeliac might have slowed her growth a little. So it's good she is beginning to catch
up.  She is certainly not the smallest child in her year anyway.  There are quite a few smaller.  There
also seem to be an awful lot of kids who look huge to me.

The consultant  is going to refer us to Dr Julie Edge a pead endocrinologist ( at the John Radcliff) for
a " different overview of the situation".  So that just means that we will chat to her about what can be
done to improve the swings high and low that  we get and the ever present problem of not being able to
cover some of the GF basic foods due to them being so high in carbs.  I have no idea of whether she will
be likely to recommend a pump or some other regimen.  The doctor thought we would have to wait about a
month to get an appointment.  Its a fair drive to Oxford an hour or more at least I guess.  Of course I
am going to be mentioning the pump a lot!!!

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