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Re: [IPk] Tanya: Problems

Hi Steve
It varies according to all sorts of factors, but personally for e.g. an hour 
in the gym, I would eat about 10-15g carb and turn off my pump half an hour 
before I start, then halfway through my exercise I turn it back on. For less 
strenous exercise I turn my pump down to about 50% of its normal rate, 
starting half an hour before I exercise, and going back to normal about half 
an hour before I finish (to take account of the time delay in the insulin 
getting through).

On Tuesday 07 January 2003 15:57, you wrote:
> Hi my name is steve,
> can someone give me tips on how to go into a exercise regime on the pump I
> have only been on the pump for four months now and my control at present is
> what I class as good.
> I am on the dtron disentronic pump and in the next month I will be joining
> a gym exercising about three times a week I do shift work so change my
> basal rate from day to night shifts and for days off I have the function of
> reducing basal rate can anyone give tips on if say I exercise for about
> hour do you reduce basal rate for how long?
> Generally what blood sugar do you start exercise on ? and what sort of
> carbs do you eat to get you through a 1 hour general gym session?
> how does it effect your bm hours after exercise?
> do you stop your pump for exercise?
> if anyone can help on some of these issues I would be very grateful.
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