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[IPk] Karen Hnenessy

Hi Karen
and congratulations for getting this far
Have you had real problems with hypos or getting good control. what regimens
and insulins have you tried before?

A month is quite a short time for a trial , so you do need to put in alot of
work. Read a good guide before pumping so you have impressive background
knowledge and trouble shooting ability. Obviously record carbs, boluses,
basals and blood,glucose. It may be as well not to try any really indulgent
meals,while on trial eg :avoid meals that are notorious for causing problems
eg high carb and fat combinations such as pizza, indians and really creamy
luxury brand ice creams as these can seriously upset blood glucose for a whole
night. It would be best to get the basics ie basals correct and reasonable
coverage of more healthy "everyday" meals, by establishing a rough insulin:
carb ratio. These things can take time
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