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[IPk] RE: Steve and exercise

Hi Steve

This is a very difficult subject because everyone is
different!!  I exercise at lunchtimes usually and eat a
banana about an hour before (taking appropriate insulin) and
then if I am going on a long run (10 miles or more) I do
nothing else (no reduction in insulin).  If I am doing a
shorter run I will usually give myself 2 units of insulin
just before I start running as my blood sugars almost always
rise during exercise!  Today for instance, as I was only
doing some weights and a short sprint (1.5 miles) I did not
give myself any extra insulin and started with a blood sugar
of 6.2 and finished 1 hour later with one of 13.9!!  Most
people however do get falling blood sugars while exercising
and reduce basal rates for at least part of the time when
exercising.  Di has written about this before.  Sometimes it
works best to reduce your basal rate 20 mins before you start
and then put it back up to normal half an hour before you

I am sorry if this is not much help but all I can advise for
your first session is to reduce your basal rate (maybe 25% -
Di can you advise if you think this should be different?) and
check blood sugars before you start and at the half-way point
(assuming it is only an hour) and at the end.  Depending on
what happens you can modify your rates the next time you go
until you are getting it right most of the time (the best you
can hope for!!).  Be aware though that your metabloic rate
will be raised for some hours after and that consequently
your blood sugar may drop 3 or 4 hours after exercise.

Have fun - I have never been as fit as I have been since I
got my pump!!


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