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Re: [IPk] Tanya: Problems

Hi Tanya,

Another set of possible causes of out-of-whack bgs, all of which you may 
have already considered:

-emotional stress. My bg can go go from 7 to 13 when I get really upset, 
and, if I remain pretty stressed, even though not crying or feeling like I'm 
really stewing, the stress hormones can float around for hours or even days.

-hormones. If you're on a birth-control pill, you shouldn't have the same 
hormonal fluctuations you would have without the pill, but being on the pill 
at all, going off the pill for a week, and going back on the pill, will 
affect your hormones and therefore your bgs. It's lovely being female, huh? 

-changes in exercise/activity pattern. If you are used to exercising at 
about the same time every day, the bg-lowering effects of exercise will have 
borne on figuring your basal rate insulin. When I stick to my late-afternoon 
workouts, missing two days gives me high morning bgs that don't like to go 
down without big boluses and I generally need to increase my basal insulin 
if I get off-track for a week or two (for holidays, frequent travel, etc.)

All best wishes,

IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years

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