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[IPk] Tanya: Problems

Firstly, I have a strange computer (or it may be the operator) but I
can't read your letter and type this, so I may have spelt your name
wrong.  My apologies.I'm fairly new to the group, but have been on a
htron disetronic pump for almost 3 years.  About 6 months ago, I felt I'd
lost control of everything.  My tests were all over the place and I
started to doubt my machine.  Eventually, I got in touch with disetronic
here in Australia (my diabetic clinic didn't have the experience to
advise me), and they very kindly asked me lots of questions, gave me some
tips ( sort of things I'd forgotten) and arranged for me to meet up with
a Rep. and show her how I was loading the pump etc.  Immediately she
picked up that I was doing various things wrong ie not cleaning my skin,
not changing my needle as regularly as I should (for me really 48 hours
is my limit), using my syringe too long.  All these simple suggestions
had a big effect on improving my control of the pump, and it has since
been working extremely well.  I also double checked all my carb to
insulin ratio, retested myself that I was h! appy with the whole basel
rate.Also the disetronic rep suggested some Drs in Brisbane who were
knowledgeable about the pump, and I was able to see one, and he also
helped iron a few niggly queries.  Will be seeing him again at the end of
the month, and can report that things have certainly improved. Hope this
have been some help.RegardsHeatherIddm 43yrs


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