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[IPk] Infusion sites and alarming alarm.....

[IPk] Re: Infusion sites; and and alarming alarm...

I had the same E01 alarm whenever I changed batteries.  I e-mailed Medisense
and they suggested cleaning the battery connections.  I did this but it
still happened.  I kept a chart of when I changed batteries (approx. every 4
weeks) and  informed Medisense that the problem was still happening.  After
6 months they were convinced that something was wrong so I had to send my
pump to be repaired.  After repair I haven't had any more trouble.  I have
asked for the reason why this kept happening but no-one has replied.
Luckily, I haven't had any more trouble.  My pump is 2 years old.


Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 14:26:24 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IPk] Re: Infusion sites; and and alarming alarm...

Hi all and a belated Happy New Year,

Lesley had a query before Christmas about using a steel needle rather than
teflon cannula.  I replied but my message was one of those lost while there
were problems.  So here goes again...

Lesley, you could try contacting Medtronic (who supply MiniMed products) to
see if they have any suitable sets.  E-mail address:
email @ redacted , or ring 01923 212213 and ask for
Punsho, who should be able to direct you to help if she herself doesn't

Has anyone else experienced the dreaded E-01 alarm message after changing
batteries? (You have to reset everything...and could I find my list of
standard/A/B settings? - nooo...late resolution here, must be more
organised...)  I got the usual "LO" message, changed the batteries within a
few minutes.  The pump was without batteries for a few seconds only.  There
was a short delay before the screen showed anything - unusual in itself -
then the alarm message came up.  I changed the batteries again just in case,
but no, everything had been lost.  Any ideas why this happened, or was it
just a glitch? The next few days could be a little turbulent as I haven't
altered two of the patterns - one of which is for work - for over a year so
can't recall the exact details...

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