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[IPk] Problems

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the welcome back :-)
I have been unable to get my bloods stable for just over a week, and as you
suggested yes I have changed infusion sites several times, infusion sets and
even changed to a different insulin bottle. Which is where I began to worry
that I was doing something wrong! Each time my sugars went above 10mml/l I
was bolusing appropiately to bring it back down, but with no results
whatsoever. On Friday I was sick due to high bloods (22+) and I started to
use my pen injection regime instead. This ended up in me being hypo most of
the night and as I was doing test every 2 hours to keep an eye on things, by
Saturday lunch time I was exhausted and at the end of my tether so I called
my GP who admitted me overnight for observation. Luckily whilst in things
settled down and I was discharged this afternoon. Apart from a slight
temperature the doctors could find nothing wrong! Other than Xmas/New Year
nothing has changed dramatically in my routine (Xmas on a pump is wonderful
compared to being without it!)

I am concerned that I have missed something obvious to cause such high
results and I was beginning to lose confidence in my pump (which I am
usually very happy on and would hate to be without it) I am going to
continue monitoring my results carefully this evening to see what happens
next but am sincerely hoping that this was a slight glitch in my control!

If you have any ideas I would very much appreciate hearing them.

Many thanks
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