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RE: [IPk] Insulin without Injections

Hi Jo

You're talking about the MHI 500.  Insulin is fired under the skin by pressure
which you wind up on the barrel of the device.  I tried it, to see if it would
help my absorption from hypertrophied sites.

Unfortunately, I found it bulky, awkward, and more uncomfortable than
injections, and seemed to make my sites more lumpy than ever.  Absorption
wasn't improved either.

There is a website at www.insulinjet.com


IDDM 34 years, pumper 3 months

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Whilst there, our doctor asked if i had received any information on the
"injection" free insulin which, apparently, is due to be released.

He said that u hold a pump of some sort onto your desired injection site and
add pressure, apparently, the insulin is then obsorbed into the skin.

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