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[IPk] Moods and moons

Hi all (especially Jackie and John)

Felt it was time to express some thoughts about depression, moons, etc.

Two years ago I went to the Diabetes UK conference at the Stakis Hotel
in Blackpool (had to really, being in my home town) and went to the
parents' seminars (my son Steven, is diabetic).  One speaker stood up -
a mother - who's opening line was 

"50% of the parents who come to our support group are on anti-

I suspect this is for varying reasons - although as parents we aren't
diabetic, we live with it daily too and for me (just as I am sure
applies to Sasha's mum) feel it is my responsibility to look after
Steven and his diabetes to the best of my ability.... quite a daunting

"failing at something you never wanted to do in the first place" comes
to mind...

And as for moons....  Steven is very, very hard work (e.g. shouting,
screaming, breaking things) when the moon is between half and full, then
as the moon subsides again he goes back to his normal self.  I want to
tell the health professionals this but I'm worried that they'll think
I've lost my marbles!!

(single mother of Steven age 11 diagnosed Nov 98 and successfully
pumping for 3 months now)

Alison Orchard
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