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Re: [IPk] GlucoWatch update

>Had a terrible night the night before Sashas blood sugars just kept going
>down all night.  I kept giving her juice a and testing every 2 hours and her
>blood sugar kept going down all night.  Barely went above 3.8 all night
>long.  I kept thinking I was giving too much and she would wake up high but
>it was still 3.5 at 7.00am. Dont know what happened there.

Jackie -

I think you do a superb job helping Sasha look after her diabetes. Diabetes
is tough - I'm sure we all know that. And parents today are encouraged to
take an even greater role is their children's diabetes, which ultimately
means fewer complications later in life, even if it means more sleepless
nights now. But I hope you feel it's a price worth paying.

I've just had to fiddle my overnight basals. Not sure if it's the full
moon, or the arrival of springlike weather. During the night my bg was
ok-ish, but seemed to be shooting up at dawn, so I'm now 0.6 00:00-05:00,
and 1.0 05:00-10:00.


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