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Re: [IPk] Drink and eating after

>How often would 5 pints be all right? Perhaps I take the medical profession's
>recommendations of no more than 14 alcohol units (i.e. 7 pints) a week for
>women and no more than 21 (i.e., 10.5 pints) a week for men too much to

The medical profession's recommendations, and what people actually do, are
entirely different concepts.

What proportion of the population actually eats 5 portions of fruit and veg
a day? Very few is my guess.

Most people break the speed limit at some point every time they go out driving.

20% of the German population never - yes, *never* - cleans their teeth. How
do you equate that with the standard dental hygiene advice?

Let's not mention the proportion of Americans who are clinically obese.

How often do you think most people in Britain raise their heart rate and
break into a sweat doing that funny thing called exercise? Not often is my

How many people with long standing Type 1 diabetes kept their bg level
constantly within normal range (4-8) yesterday? 10? 100? Not many more than
that I suspect. (I'm not talking about all the tests you did, but I'm
including all the funny ups and downs in between.)

Basically, the targets we set ourselves are entirely different from what we
actually achieve. And I would never criticise someone for drinking 5 pints
of beer.


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