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Re: [IPk] Drink and eating after

>I don't mean to sound like a tee-totalling meanie

Cor blimey Melissa! If you didn't mean sound to mean, you've done a pretty
good job!!! ;-)

Rob - to me, 5 pints sounds a good night's drinking. I don't do it
regularly, but I do do it. And I wouldn't expect to have sensible blood
glucose levels afterwards. That's life.

Pat - doing experiments is very noble. But what I find is that no two
drinking sessions are the same. Too many variables... what I ate yesterday,
how I feel, my mood, the company of others, the smell of the pub - the list
goes on. These may effect how I get drunk, and what my bg level does - and
it's not reasonably predictable. And it's wrong to think that CHO, alcohol
and water mix are all that determine digestion: it's far more complex than

OK Melissa - I'll get off my soapbox too.


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