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Re: [IPk] Drink and eating after


5 pints???  That's equal to 10 shots of liquor or 2 bottles of wine in terms
of alcohol content! Please, I beg of you, for the sake of your liver and your
kidneys (which are at risk simply because you have diabetes, nevermind how
good your control is), rethink the amount you're drinking, especially if 5
pints is quite normal more than once a week.

As for bolusing, keep in mind that when you drink on a full stomach, alcohol
will raise your blood sugar (by how much it could be hard to guess--I have
never detected a verifiable pattern when my blood sugar rises because of
alcohol), but on an empty stomach you're likely to go hypo.  Keep in mind,
when drinking on a full stomach (as you probably should, really) that one pint
has about 30g carbohydrate as well.  I generally test my blood sugar every
1.5-2 drinks if I'm out for a night, but, that said, I would probably fall
over if I had more than 5 glasses of wine or 2 pints in a span of time shorter
than 3 hours.

Lastly, you may find that drinking one pint of beer, then a pint of water,
then one of beer, etc., is a good way to make sure you don't get too
dehydrated while drinking.  When you get dehydrated, you may want a salty,
fatty snack like crisps that'll also have fat and carbohydrate, or maybe
you'll just be thirsty and want another beer, which'll bring its own

I don't mean to sound like a tee-totalling meanie--I just came from a
wine-tasting!--but having a pump doesn't mean the short-term challenges or
long-term consequences of diabetes are automatically any less real or scary.

Stepping off my soapbox,

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