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Re: [IPk] Good News Or Not?

Hi Jackie,

The depression started about four years after the diabetes, I had severe
kidney diesease and was on steroids for 12 years the took me off them too
quickly and I started showing signs of D about six months later. With the
kidney diesease I couldn't have salt ie: in cooking, crisps, and also
oranges for some strange reason. So from an early age I could'nt eat crisps
which I thought at the time was the staple diet of any young child and it
seemed that everyone was always eating them, and oranges, I use to play
Sunday football and half time guess what? yep oranges, so I always felt left
out, so when I was stopped on the steriods and they said I could have salt
YAHOO I felt I would end up looking like a crisp the amount I use to eat.
    Then 6 months later 3 stone lighter and a thirst of an alcoholic I was
diagnosed Diabetic.
     Obviously your child has this younger, but I felt twice I had been
robbed of something, and no matter how hard you try to be normal you're not
but times have changed, schools are a lot more understanding etc.
     Anyway I have over the last 22yrs of depression have tried several
types of anti depressants some work better than others but no matter how
hard I try I am never completly free of it, the counciling does help but I
am starting to think I never will be completly free.
     The psyciatrists are also convinced that my severe health problems
since birth have given me this trouble, but they are convinced they can help
soif they are so am I.


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