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Re: [IPk] Good News Or Not?

Hi Tony,
     Thanks for the encouragement, as for the laser stuff, I've had loads,
twice every year since about '82 in May 95 I was told that I would lose a
considerable amount of my sight as they were going to a lot in both eyes,
and I had to be admitted. But amazingly I found although long distance
remained the same I was suprised that I can still see close up well fairly
anyway I was expecting worse.
     Anyway Tony I am so pleased with the pump its obviously doing some good
stuff for me, also i've just been informed that the hospital has had a
change of mind and now myself and the other person on the pump are going top
get our supplies funded, after our consultant made a point of that neither
of us had been admitted since pumping and would be severe step backwards on
our health to stop funding so i'm well pleased. I dont know the whole story
but I'm trying to find out exactly how he put it to the health authority, it
might be of some help to others.


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