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Re: [IPk] Diet, Exercise + raised BGMs

Hi Bev

I am just wondering, reading your mail, whether it is because you are
currently dieting
but when you were first pumping and running this regimen worked ok.  Perhaps
is happening because you are having less insulin overall because you are not
eating so much, so not having to take so much insulin.  Maybe just this
amount is just enough to send your bg high during exercise.

I have no experience of pumping as my daughter is still on injections so I
might be taking a load of B******s.  We used to have a strange effect when
Sasha exercised when her bg were slightly raised and the BG go up due to
lack of insulin in the cells. A real big increase from 8 or 9 mmols to 18 -
20mmols in an hour.  We had to make her eat slightly more and give more
insulin and the problem when away.

Could it be that you are making ketones because you are burning fat and that
is causing insulin resistance??  Anyone???

It sounds like you do need more insulin when running to supply the cells
with glucose.

I am sure you have thought of this yourself, I hope  there are other that
have an explanation.

Didn't Di used to have this problem sometimes?


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> I was wondering if anyone knows of a link between dieting,
> exercising and unexpected high BGMs?  I run regularly 2 or 3
> times a week and prior to trying a pump the running would
> cause my BGMs to rise from say 7 to around 20 after 2.5
> miles.  Since going on the pump I have found that keeping the
> pump at its usual rate (no reduction works best for me) has
> been fine for the past 5 months.  Suddenly though the old
> problem is back.  I had a BGM of 5 this morning when I woke
> up.  I had a glass of milk for breakfast (7 am) and then went
> for a run at midday with a bgm of 7.8.  At 13:00 (after a
> shower) my BGM was 18.6!.  The same thing happened last week
> with a rise from 6.2 to 17.6.  I am on a diet at the moment
> (lost a stone).  I don't east breakfast (glass of milk) and I
> don't eat lunch (except on days when I run when I follow the
> run with some fruit and a small slice of plain cake).  I
> prefer to eat a meal in the evening with a couple of glasses
> of wine.  This is I accept not the perfect diet but it works
> for me and I really don't get hungry in the day (especially
> with a bgm of 18.6!)
> Do you think the reduction in food is placing my body under
> increased stress when I run causing the high BGM?  I am
> loathe to increase insulin levels when I run but that appears
> to be the next step.  Checking my BGM after a mile seems
> ridiculous (and I don't want to carry the kit with me).  I
> don't believe I go low when I run as I feel fine.  I may
> check it next time as soon as I get back in (rather than
> after I shower) just to be sure its not a rebound thing!
> Bev
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