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Re: [IPk] Diet, Exercise + raised BGMIs

Hi Bev
You may find that doing one or the other is enough. There can be a very fine 
line between having not enough insulin and your BG going high, and having 
enough and your BG dropping. Especially if you just take a bolus before 
running. Personally I would go for eating a banana and bolusing as normal for 
it, at least an hour before you run, then not touching your insulin.
Don't forget your glucose tabs :-)
I would also test immediately after you finish, but that will only really 
give you useful evidence if you're actually low then (in which case you could 
be rebounding).
Let us know how you get on. And I'm very glad you posted that, because it 
only just occurred to me that that was why I went high last night after 
dancing! It's also just occurred to me that when I take part in dance 
competitions, it's probably the fact that I tend not to eat all day rather 
than the fact that I'm nervous which tends to make my BG rise! Doh......
My teammates are always hassling me because I don't eat during competitions - 
I never feel like it - but now I know they're right!!!!

> That sounds like a good explanation Di.  I am nervous about
> increasing my basal or bolusing before I run but maybe I'll
> eat a banana mid-morning and bolus a little more than usual
> and see how that goes.
> Thanks
> Bev
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